Sell Blindstitch Sewing Machine (CM500-1)

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Function Characteristic:
1. Single bended needle (cambered set), single thread chain stitch
2. The single thread chain stitch hides itself so that we can not see it from the outside, which make the clothes much neater and more elegant.. As for CM500-1, it not only has the basic blindstitch function as that of CM500-3,also it has skipfunction when yu adjust the skip stitch lever to make stitch more Rerfect.
3. The stitch is more elegant and not easy to be brushed off due to double-thread chain stitch (CM580)

Widely used for hemming cuff, pant, shirt, glove, sock, etc. and suit various material such as cotton, wool, chemical fiber, etc. (ESPECIALLY FOR CLOTHES MONOPOLISTIC SHOPS,DRY CLEANER AND SMALL-SCALE PRODUCTION FOR CLOTHES FACTORIES).