Sell Blister Packing Line DHSBZ

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1. Brief Introduction
The packing production line DHSBZ is developed by our company, combing rich experiences and high-tech in the packing field. The line is mainly made up of blister packing machine DPH200, multifunctional cartoning machine HD120, film shrinking machine BS20, auto weigh checker S2 and boxing machine ZX120. The packing line can finish: blister packing-> cartoning-> auto-weighing -> carton packing -> boxing. The whole process realizes automatic production and minimizes second pollution during packing so as to meet GMP requirement.

2. Main Technical Parameter
(1) . Packing Range: tablet, capsule, suppository, strange-shaped tablet, Chinese medicine, ect.
(2) . Capacity:
Blister packing machine DPH200A : Max 240cuts/min
Multifunctional cartoning machine HD120 : Max 120cartons/mi
Film shrinking machine BS20 : Max 20boxes/min
Semi-auto boxing machineZX120 : Max 120boxes/h
(3) . Power: AC, 380V, 3-phase
(4) . Power Consumption: approx 15KW
(5) . Water Consumption: circular cooling water approx 2.5m3/h
(6) . Air Consumption: approx 20m3/h (pressure 0.6-0.9 mPa)
(7) . Dimension (LWWWH) : 14000mmW2150mmW2200mm
(8) . Weight: approx 6 tons