Sell Blister Packing Machine (DPP-250FI)

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Al-Plastic-Al/AL-AL/AL-PVC Blister Packing Machine (DPP-250FI)

Model No. :DPP-250FI
Product Origin:China
Brand Name:Xinfei
Certification(s) :ISO9001 CE

Detailed Product Description
Stainless steel construction
1) Auto feeding
2) Can work with multi-plicate packaging materials
3) Operator -friendly touch screen
4) Automatic rejection of blisters
5) Conform to GMP standards
6) CE certified

1) Print registration
2) Vision inspection system
3) ALU micropore detector
4) Can be connected to a cartoner.
5) Al-plastic-Al:Up to 30 cycles/min
6) Al-Al:Up to 35 cycles/min
7) Al-PVC:Up to 50 cycles/min
8) Effective index width:Max.110 x 240mm
9) Depth:Max.12mm
10) Width of forming film:Max.250mm
11) Width of lidding material:Max.250mm
12) Tropical blister foil:Max.250mm
13) Forming materials:PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/ACLAR, PET, aluminum forming materials
14) Lidding materials:PTP, PP. Heat-sealable lacquered materials