Sell Blister Packing Machine DPH200

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1. Brief Introduction
The blister packing machine DPH200 excels in good forming and quick sealing. It also can be operated under low speed while the speed of sealing, embossing, slicing and punching can reach to 240 cuts/min. With the improvement of the production speed, the performance of the machine becomes more reliable and stable.

2. Advantages
* The forming station of the packing machine adopts head-on pressing, which makes the blister become even and beautiful.
* The sealing station employs web heating elements to process, which makes the sealing become more reliable.
* The punching station uses punching moulds in order to save packing material.
* The gearing of machine adopts imported elements to ensure the reliability of the machine when it is running in a high speed.
* The universal feeder mounted on the machine can meet various medicines feeding requirement.
* The machine meets GMP standards.

4. Main Functions
PVC heating->blister forming->medicine filling->medicine absent detecting->sealing->batch number printing->slicing->punching->faulty blister ejection->ready to cartoning

5. Main Technical Parameter
(1) . Power: 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
(2) . Capacity: Max240 cuts/min
(3) . Max Forming Depth: 20mm
(4) . Max Forming Proportion (LWW) : 210W180mm
(5) . Air Consumption: 15m3/h (pressure: 0.6-1Mpa)
(6) . Power Consumption: 9KW
(7) . Water Consumption: approx 0.1m3/h
(8) . Dimension (LWWWH) : 4200mmW1250mmW2200mm
(9) . Weight: approx 3500kg

6. Packing Material Requirement
(1) . Hot forming film or compound material, such as PVC, PVC-PFC, PVC-PE-PFC, or PVC-PVDC.
Thickness: 0.25-0.35mm
Max Width: 200 mm
Reel Core Diameter: 70-76mm
Max Reel Diameter: 600mm

(2) . Aluminum foil (hot-melted glue is applied on one side)
Thickness: 0.02mm
Reel Core Diameter: 70-76mm
Max Width: 200 mm
Max Reel Diameter: 600mm

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
5 unit per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
4265x 1250x 2200mm
Model Number
Power Requirements
380V, 50Hz
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB TianJin
Warranty Coverage
one year