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Block Machine / Building Block Machine / HX6-15B Automatic building block machine (Able to be added with colored plus material)

1 Able to produce several kinds of cavity brick, cart road bricks and solid bricks as substitutes for red clay
bricks by applying concrete and fly ash, converting waste into "money" and protecting ecological environment.
2, High productivity with annual output per shift up to 120,000m2 cart road bricks or 60,000m2 wall bricks.
3, It is possible to design many types or moulds with different sizes and shapes as requested by clients to produce bricks with various specifications.
4 Visual and simple to operate, with the pressure and running time of each action as well as the time of vibrations regulated by computer touch.
5, Full automatic control by computer, achieving remote diagnosis and restoration with a random inspection and control system.
6, Two hoppers, with a large store hopper lying off when stirred by a blending machine and needing no stop to wail materials.
7. Low in costs. Sample: 240x 115 x 90mm Cavity bricks, Cavity rate 30-40%, Clinker blended up to 80%.

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