Sell Block Making Machine(HD10-15)

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Main Parameter:
External Dimension: 5200W2400W2850mm
Nominal Pressure: 16mpa
Pallet Size: 1100W840W25mm
Shape Period: 15-20seconds
Principal vibrate Style: Oscillate
Vibration Frequenecy: 0-5000rotations/min
Gross Power: 31kw
Overall Weight: 10500kg
Shaped Product : Hollow Brick :390W190W190 10piece
Porous Brick:240W115W90 24piece
Standard Brick:200W100W60 36piece
Green tile:240W115W53 51piece

The design of the machine , is a combination of advantage of other various machines. It also adopted new technology.
1. Design :Improving the quality and output of the product for the first factor. Theres a leap in the quality during the substantial increase in the production.
2. Each component of the machine as well as the technology is checked by the expert group , with high safety factor.
3. The design of the machine has been closing to the international trendency, with superior quality , durbility, wide adaptation and variety of product for the lead.
4 . Using large, coloured, touched screen as control system, thus achieve human-machine interface. . More than 10 modes of automatic operation modes are stored in the computer control system , which are optional and easily operated. The main electric apparatus adopted Japanese Fujitsu, Omron and other international brands.
5. The raw material distributed device can distribute the raw material accurately and averagely. A machine is multi-purpose, by change its mould , it can produce different specifications of cement products, such as hollow bricks, porous bricks, standard bricks, insulated bricks and light-weight ceramic tiles. (The machine can be equipped with automatic unelevator. )
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