Sell Block Making Machine(HD4-16)

Block Making Machine(HD4-16)
Main parameters:
External Dimension 2350W1650W2610
Principal Vibration Style Oscillate
Nominal Pressure 16mpa
Vibration Frequency 2800-5200转 rotations/min
Pallet Size 680W540mm
Gross Power 26kw
Shape Period 12-15sec
Overall Weight-- 6800kg

All procedure setting for production change is completely automatic and controlled by PLC. Data in-out device can assure to realize ideal man-machine conversation. The control system includes the advanced logical safety lock and trouble-diagnosis device that will point the trouble location promptly. Long distance control function can be used.

Using the adjustable double-cylinder system, which avoid the green blocks damaged during the mould frame lifting.

The frame is made of high-quality steel, which ensuring the uniformity and stability of the machine.

Using the unique integrated hydraulic system, which makes the machine work in the good condition.

Advanced vibrating technology . Feeding and forming by different vibrating mode assures high quality of feeding and forming. Optimum structure of vibrating shafts, which assures vibration distributed uniformly in the range of vibrating table, thereby improves the uniformity and stability of blocks.

Advanced vibrating technology assures to adjust and control the pressure and flow of every pipe conveniently. It assures to produce the same high quality blocks with different raw materials.

A machine is multi-purpose, by changing its mould , it can produce different specifications of cement products, such as hollow bricks, porous bricks, standard bricks, insulated bricks , sprig-grass bricks and pavement bricks.

Special compulsion type of materials feeding structure and harrow for diffenent moulds, insure the procedures of compulsionharrow and second mix which assure the equality mixture of fly ash feeding.

Following the ISO9001 Quality Control System strictly to inspect each production procedure , ensuring the reliability and accuracy of each component.

Advanced technology , superior quality, high efficiency.
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