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1. Four testing passages
2. Sixteen sample preheating positions
3. Three reagent positions
4. Four preheating timers, with setting warnings
5. Memory of marked curves
6. Online sample filler, automatic pressing test
7. Touching keyboard
8. LCD crystal Chinese display, menu instructed system
9. Thermal printer, printing for single sample, single item and integrating reports
10. Free-choice reagents, opening-mode programming
11. Less amount of reagents, available for half-amount test
12. Testing for the comparative movement of the steel balls is not influenced by the original plasmas viscosity
13. Not influenced by hemolysis, chyle, jaundice, muddiness and plasmas viscosity
14. Broader linear range and higher precision for the test of fibrinogen
15. Precision tested results and fine repetition
16. Tested sample positions are indicated by the indicator light, convenient for the observation of the steel balls
17. Long-time memory for the testing results, free deletion at any moment
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14 days
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