Sell Blood Pressure Monitor DWD-2101

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Display of DWD-2101


Measurement Method: Oscillometric

Display: Liquid crystal digital display

Measruing range Pressure: 0 - 300mmHg (0kPa~39kPa)

Pulse: 40-200 beats/Minute

Accuracy Pressure: within+-3mmHg (0.4kPa)

Pulse: within +-5%

Min. scale: 0.1kPa/1mmHg

Memory: Stores up to 60 measurements

Automatic power Off: About 30 seconds after measurement is complete

Battery Type: 2 AAA Batteries

Battery life : about 2 months with 3-min. usage per day

Storage condition: (-4~131) ˚ F, (10~95) %RH

Operation condition: (41~104) ˚ F, (30~85) %RH

Dimensions (approx. ) : Monitor: 65!A78!A28mm

Cuff: fits wrists 13-19cm

Weight (approx. ) : 128g (including batteries)