Sell Blood Uric Acid Monitoring System

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Blood Uric Acid Monitoring System

The first hand-held self-monitoring blood uric acid meter on the market.
Biomedical screening s and long-term follow-up checks of uric acid concentration in the blood circulation are important to detect the asymptomatic hyperuricemia and prevent the risk for developing the renal disease as a result of hyperuricemia which is also associated with primary gout and attributable to the cause of secondary gout.
Technical Specification
Biosensor technology
Large LCD display
Symbolic screen
Easy operation in 3 steps
One tiny drop of whole blood sample as little of 6ul from fingertip or earlobe
Accurate test result in 30 seconds
Memory recall of 10 test results
Blood sample applied outside meter
User-programmable measurement unit for mg/dL or umol/L