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IML Brief Introduction

In Mold Label, IML for short, is a kind of simplified label. IML is a labeling technique that is used in blow molded, injection molded and thermoformed containers. It is a pre-decoration technique, which is the application of the label before the container is full.

The IML, which has been finished printing and die cutting, is generally placed inside the open mold by Robotic Arm. Then the label is fused into the surface of the plastic products, in the process of the product forming. The combination between the label and the plastic product is natural and it completely becomes a part of the plastic product and has a significantly better appearance, which appears no label look effect.

The characteristics of IML

1. The label and plastic product form at one time in the molding process and the label becomes as a part of the product, which eliminates the need for a separate labeling process. Therefore, IML technique can save the cost of extra equipments and labor for additional labeling and consequently improve the efficiency and benefit;

2. The label molded inside the plastic product, so it increases the intensity of the final product and at the same time saves the plastic resin quantity to be used;

3. IML has the performance of waterproof, tear-up, grease, acids and scuff resistance, and can be frozen and immersible;

4. IML can improve the grade of products, for it has a significantly better appearance than the silkscreen and glued label, and also can appear more brighter color. At the same time it can offer better design and word illustration.

5. IML is a kind of high technique product and it is difficult to be imitated, so it has anti-fake property.

6. IML a is recyclable product, and its environmental friendly.

Matt Surface Sino IML

Sino IML uses Synthetic Paper - Polypropylene as the base material for printing, which is waterproof, grease, acids and scuff resistance, and can be froze and immersible as well.
Matt surface IML is our most popular products we researched and developed as our brand products, and the characteristics as follows:

1. Sino matt surface IML appears texture effect, which has both skidproof and anti-fake function. .

2. Available either in roller pack or sheet pack.

3. Suitable for the photogravure, Flexographic Printing and offset printing

4. Non-poison base material and tasteless, therefore its suitable for foods label.

Main application:

Suitable for the plastic containers made by PP, PE, for example, Lubricant oil containers, food products containers, daily commodities containers, etc;

The printing of IML

There are several different printing processes of IML, normally use Offset Printing, Gravure Printing, Flexographic Printing and rotary printing. In China, normal offset printing, flexography printing and gravure printing are mostly used.

When printing IML, need to make varnishes, which can make it more smooth and the label will not stick each other. And also the IML can be inserted into the mold more precisely.
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