Sell Blow Molding Machine (GL-2L/1)

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Our models of blow molding machine (GL-2L/1) can make bottle with volume from 0.1L to 2L in HDPE material. It can be made in multi-layers.
Mold inside labelling machine and belt conveyor can also be equipped with this machine.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of blow molding machines in China. We can blow 1L to 1000L all kinds of bottles, drums, cans, and oil tanks, etc in PE, PP, PC, PVC, PT, ABS and other plastic materials.

1) Controlled by Japanese PLC
2) Temperature controlled model
3) Interactive monitor with machine-human interface
4) Imported hydraulic elements
5) Proportional control
6) Imported electric elements
7) Hard gear surface reducer

Packing: wooden container

Any interested party is welcome to contact us to discuss about details.