Sell Blue Rear Mirrors for Automobile

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This sort of nano-coating products reflect most cold blue and are featured with:

1, Ante-dazzling. With nano-coating surface, the light reflection can be taken 95% from of the ordinary mirror. The light in the mirror does not dazzle mans eyes any more . And effectively reduces accidents on roads.
2, Stop adhesion of rain water and foggy covering on the mirror surface. The nano-caoting plays a wonderful role in keeping the mirror surface clear.
3, Reduce driving fatigue. With larger view, Ergonomicly wider angle mirror lens, and dazzling-free effect, the driving is made much easier.
4, The mirror surface with a super ability against fraying, increased color contrast, more clear images.
5, Gained higher resolutions, and the surface curve is less than 4%, the image distortion kept down, as a result, the blue mirror has got a 10% more resolution.
6, With our continuous production process, mass production is realized, the labor cost and energy consumption are cut down, the production efficiency and products quality are raised by a large degree. To meet the market demands, our products can vary in color saturations and shades. The following are some examples with several different reflection rates.