Sell Blue Tiger BH293 Bluetooth Glasses

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This product is a combination of professional design and fashionable glasses of Bluetooth technology, the lens can easily replace a thorough solution to the vast number of people who wear glasses to wear and carry a Bluetooth headset when the inconvenience. A variety of colors, so you always have to be able to experience the fashion, science and technology, easy existence, will be a number of business people are essential to the business supplies.
1: The most popular European and American fashion design, cool appearance, fashionable and elegant, extraordinary magnanimity;
2: United States Polaroid Polarizing lens, glare-ray, UV absorption below 400 Nm;
3: Frame use of hi-tech nylon frames, heat cold, flexible and durable;
4: from high-end sunglasses constitute the main body, suitable for leisure wear out;
5: frame good toughness, high strength, shock-proof, even if there is no need to worry about intense exercise.

Technical parameters

Bluetooth version: V2.0 is backward compatible with Bluetooth V1.2 and V1.1 standards
Applicable models: Suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone with (Note: The compatibility of the various machine models can be different!)
Distance: 10 meters
Frequency: 2402MHz ~ 2480MHz ISM Band
Talk time: 8 hours
Standby time: About 150 hours
Working Voltage: 3.3 ~ 4.4V
Charging voltage: 5V
Charging time: 3 hours
Call current (3.3V) : 14MA (Typical)
Standby Current (3.3V) : <1Ma (Typical)
Matching method

1: according to the boot keys, alternating between red and blue flashing lights;
2: using cell phone search, find Bluetooth;
3: in accordance with prompt, enter matching password "0000";

Standard preparation: Headphone cable charge line instructions glasses cloth
Optional color: Red
Product Warranty: 2 year warranty, 15-day unconditional return policy