Sell Bluecard EMID Signal Cards

Bluecard EMID Signal Cards
The EMID signal cards are used in conjunction with our BP-2002S, BP-2002-W, BP-2002K, and BP-2002 series guard tour hand-held readers. They are can be read from long distances and operate in wide temperature ranges, are completely waterproof, and can be sealed inside walls to protect them from damage or theft. They are the ideal replacement products for contact-based guard tour checkpoints

The most commonly used of signal card types include:

Button, circular, and cylinder-shaped cards used as guard tour checkpoints. These can be installed either on or beneath wall surfaces.
Key chain-attachable type personnel/incident cards used to identify patrol personnel or events and incidents.

1. No Contact Operation

The EM signal cards can be buried inside walls, protecting them from sabotage.

2. All-Weather

Can be used reliably when there is rain, snow, ice, dust and other adverse environmental factors, when traditional contact-type guard tour checkpoints cannot be used.

3. Come In Different Shapes for Easy Installation

4. Highly Sensitive

Allow for easy readings and low power-consumption for the readers.

5. No Power Required to Operate, Last Over 50 Years