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The BP-2002 Guard Tour Management System works on Windows-based PCs. It is used for the processing, verification, display, and printout of guard tour data obtained from the Guard Tour readers.

It has the following features:

1. Intelligently Designed for Easy, Fool-Proof Operations

Automatically completes tasks such as communicating with the readers, timeclock adjustment, data upload, data download, intelligent data identification, patrol plan verification, data verification, exceptions handling, etc. Depending on the user's familiarity with PCs, it can be used with little or no training.

2. Intelligent Scheduling System

Personnel scheduling has traditionally been the most troublesome aspect of guard tour management. Our software can help managers keep track of work periods and employee activities, as well as automatically create schedules based on initial setups. This is vastly superior to competing products that usually do not have scheduling abilities, or have the ability but are not able to verify the data, making it necessary to manually enter scheduling data each time.

3. Automatic Verification System

The software automatically performs verification tasks when it receives guard tour data from the readers. This makes checking for statuses such as on-time, early, late, missed checkpoint, wrong patrol order, incidents, etc. , convenient and without hassle. It can also perform statistical calculations using the the verification data, and output them for further processing by other software.

4. Gives The Readers More Functions

The software can use the guard tour readers as signal card input devices, either while they are connected to the PC or after they are used off-line to collect the ID numbers of cards already installed. This way, the operator does not have to hand-input the 10-digit card numbers while setting up the checkpoints. They also don't have to worry about forgetting the numbers of cards long buried in walls.

5. Highly Reliable Data Storage

Both the data and the program itself are encrypted and cannot be altered without authorization. The guard tour reader hardware can store close to 30,000 pieces of guard tour data even without electricity, and is able to re-upload the data when needed.

6. Less Need for Maintenance Tasks

Automatically performs monthly, weekly, and per-session backups. Automatically clears out-of-date data.

7. Includes Networking Features

The user can perform tasks such as uploading, processing, and verification over local area networks and telephone lines (via the BM-7001 Remote Communication Unit) . This makes the entire guard tour system convenient to manage in large-scale and long -distance deployments situations.

8. Safe Data Transfers

Remote transfer of data is accomplished through proprietary protocols rather than standard file transfer methods, which makes it unnecessary to open up sharing rights between the computers involved. This makes the data transfer process safe from data theft and the computers involved safe from virus infections.

9. Data Integrity

Data is encrypted and verified both during transmission and storage, making it safe from unauthorized modification and ensuring its integrity. In addition to the automatic database verification and backup that the software is programmed to perform on a daily basis, it also allows for the manual set up of separate and monthly data backups.

10. Available in multiple languages

Currently, our software is available in English, French, Spanish, Dansk, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. More languages can be supported, please inquire for details.