Sell Bluecard Remote Comm. Station(BS-4000)

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Communicates with computer systems remotely via conventional telephone lines. Allows for data collection at locations where computer systems are not available. Stores data onto its internal memory when land-line phone networks are not present for later uploading. Suited for use at locations where the checkpoints are spread over large geographical areas, such as telecommunication cable lines, railroads, and oil pipelines. Also able to directly upload stored data to the computer via USB cable.

1. Transfers data remotely over conventional telephone lines.

2. Faster transfer speeds: up to 57.6k.

3. Allows for remote setup of readers and clock calibration.

4. Hands-free operation: when data is stored, continuous redials until a connection is established and data is completely uploaded. Automatically turns off the reader after transfer is completed.

5. Indicates "Memory Full", "Memeory Cleared", "Connection Established" and other statuses with its LCD lights and speaker.

6. Allows for data input from multiple readers.

7. Data stored can be repeatedly uploaded, ensuring data reliability and safetly.

8. Wirelessly collects data from readers, eliminating the need for cable ports on the readers, making data port damage caused by wear and tear or human sabotage a thing of the past.

9. Does not consume power from readers during data transfer.

10. A single communication station model works with multiple reader models.

11. Durable molded casing.

12. High-speed data transfer - approximately 30 records per second.

13. Able to use internal battery, making remote usage convenient.