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Product Name: Bluetooth Adapter

1) Bluetooth v1.2 compliance
2) Full speed USR v 1.2 Interface
3) Wireless communication within a radius of 20 & 100 Meters
4) Connect up to 7 different enabled Bluetooth devices
5) Encryption and authentication ensure safe secure communications
6) Low power consumption

1) Connection within ranges up to 20 Meters, 30 Meters, 80 Meters, 100 Meters
2) Connect up to 7 devices in a Piconet
3) Data Rate:721kbps
4) Antenna:Integrated inside the adapter
5) 4dBm bluetooth radio
6) Sensitivity:-80dbm at 0.1% Bit Error Rate (BER)
7) Security: encrypted link, anthentication

Drivers support:
-Windows 98 SE, Windows ME/2000/XP
-Mac OS x v10.1.4, v10.1.5&Mac OS x v10.2
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