Sell Bluetooth GPS receiver BTGP38K

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It's high Bluetooth & GPS technology, it can receive GPS data through Bluetooth technology to your Smart phone; PDA; Laptop; PC etc, then settle Positioning, navigation and other applications.
1. Low power requested and support over 15hrs working time.
2. Very sensitive, and high quality GPS Chips, can receive 65 satellite at same time.
3. Supports Bluetooth 2.0; Class 2.
4. Support Bluetooth Profile(SPP Profile)
5. Compatible with Nokia (N70 so on) li-ion battery, Charger.
6. 3pcs LED support Bluetooth; GPS; Chargering state.
7. Support NMEA-0183, 9600bps standard.
8. Small design, personality, easy carry, nice.
9. Technology data: Receive frequent: : L1,1575.42MHz, C/A pin 1.023MHz, No. 65; Sensitive: search-151dBm, tracking -158dBm, Accuracy: position 7m CEP 90%, 3m CEP 50% (SA Close) , Speed 0.1m/second. Positing time: Start 1second, standard 35second, cold start 40second; working state: Over 10km; standard speed 515m/second; add speed 4g max. GPS supprot: NMEA-0183 ASIC, and NMEA, GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, (VTG, GLL, RMS can choose) 9600bps frequent, 8 data, 1 stp, not have adjust button.
Bluetooth data: Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, send rate Class 2( 4dBm max ) ,
receive sensive -80dBm, range 10m, classic, support Profile and Profile (SPP) . Power: wroking approx 60mA , and standard av is 3.7-4.2V , chargering 5.5V, Battery: Chargering time 2.5hrs, working approx 15hr, chargering full can be use.
working state: temp. -400 to +850, keep temp. -400 to +1500 .