Sell Bluetooth Headset(QWX-T108)

Bluetooth Headset(QWX-T108)
1) Bluetooth headset is a wireless headset based on Bluetooth technology.
2) It is specially designed for different mobile phones, offering you the freedom to talk on your mobile phone without using your hands.
3) It provides clear sound quality for a range of 10 meters (between headset and mobile phone) .
1) Collar pin style and single audio heaset
2) Plug-and-play and simple pairing for easy use
3) Solutions for superior sound quality
4) Better interference resistance via the use of Bluetooth technology
5) Supports wireless audio streaming and headset / hands free application
6) Supports remote control feature
7) Listening to music and talking over wireless phones and computer
1) Bluetooth V1.2 compliant (Compatible with bluetooth 1.1)
2) Long talk time: up to 6 hours
3) Stand by time: up to 200 hours
6) Weight:
7) Chipset: CSR
8) Radio Performance: ClassII
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1 year