Sell Bluetooth Headset Model: BH-718

Bluetooth Headset Model: BH-718
Bluetooth Headset Model: BH-718
Main features:
1) Bluetooth technology, compliant with Bluetooth specification V1.1
2) Environment, operating temperature
3) Dimensions: 60 x 18 x 11mm
4) Lightest weight: only 10.8g
5) Standby time: a week
6) Standby time: up to 168 hours
7) Super low radiation
8) Super compatibility, so that when changing cell phones, there is no need to change headset
9) Beautiful style, according to the streamline style designed by human body engineering, delicate
craftsmanship, suitable for the wearing of different people
10) Comfortable wearing, no feeling of crashing down and oppressing, it can be worn for a long time
11) Suitable to all brands and all models mobile phones with Bluetooth signal.
Brand Name
Model Number
Bluetooth Headset Model&3A BH-718
Warranty Coverage
1 year