Sell Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset
Detailed Product Description

1) The latest Bluetooth V1.2 standard p, Must be bluetooth V1.1
compliant and supports headset and/or handsfree profiles, supports
most of the mobile
2) RapidConnect-a technology that helps saves battery life and enables you
to answer an end calls easily by just at a flip of the microphone
3) Noise cancellation which allows clear conversation in noisy environment
4) Enjoy up to 360 minute of talktime and 100 hrs of standby time
without recharging
5) Self-contained recharger Li-battery, charger times 4 hrs.
6) It can communicate with other Bluetooth devices within a range of
approximately 10 meters (33 feet)
7) It can store pairing information for up to eight different devices with
Bluetooth wireless technology
8) Bluetooth links are encypted, providing maximum privacy and
protection from interference
9) Weight: 14g
10) Color: black, silver, gold, and grey