Sell Bluetooth car kit B-128

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1) With SD card slot and supports USB port, Audio Cable (line in) function
2) With bluetooth function and call ID show,21 keys new remote
3) Support caller number display function and don't need to lift a telephone
4) The call can switch to speaking condition automaticaly
5) Can store ten telephone number, you can press the number key 0-9 on the remote control, the number matches the hotkey of the phone number
6) When use special function, the font size will get bigger
7)1.5 inch LCD screen: channels display, voice model sequence number, song's schedule and volume change Play song number, total song number, song name and EQ shown
8) Read MP3 /WMA files from the USB port or SD, MMC directly, and listen to music by car FM radio
9) Built-in stereo FM transmitter, FM transmitter range: from 87.5 to 108. OMHz, total 206 channels
10) Press + and - in the body of the car MP3 player or CH in the remote controller to change the channels
11) Digital remote controller: select the songs, it indicates that you can select any song and frequency switch between the USB port and the SD card, input telephone number by the remote controller, with 100+ and 200+ digital select; play and pause
12) With EQ function: EQ function with seven kinds of voice mode
13) With memory play function: it can remember the songs/FM volume olume mode that you can turn off pretime
"14) Stereo voice facility link input
1) With infrared remote controller, ensuring the driving safety
2) Choose Sony via Digital Remote
3) Stereo crosstalk: >=30dB(1000Hz)
4) Transmit distance: >=10m
How to use:
1) Plug the unit into cigarette lighter in your car
"2) Connect input connector in the unit to your portable device output jack and adjust the portable device output to proper level by volume control
3) Select one of the 206FM Modulator presets
4) Tune your car stereo to the same FM frequency as the FM modulator
5) Press the play button on the FM modulator and you can enjoy fantastic music in your portable device now
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