Sell Bluetooth dongle and adapter

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PC/Mac: Bluetooth dial-up (devices such as Bluetooth cell phone is necessary)
PC: Bluetooth wireless LAN enables 8 PCs with Bluetooth to form a mini wireless network;
PC: Bluetooth wireless fax (only for PCs with fax software)
PC/Mac: Bluetooth wireless files transmission
PC: Bluetooth wireless data synchronization
PC: Support Bluetooth virtual serial port
PC: Support Bluetooth wireless printing
PC: Support Bluetooth earphones
PC/Mac: Support Bluetooth port (Bluetooth mouse and keyboard)

Dial-up network: Support connecting with Internet wirelessly through another computer which has installed modem. It also can be used for cell phones and modems that support Bluetooth. With Bluetooth cell phone, Ericsson T39, T68 and so on can surf the net wirelessly whenever you want.

Faxing: Send faxes through mainframe which has accessed with fax machine by Bluetooth technology (the connection will automatically break when finishing the fax) .

Bluetooth interface: allow two USB adapters established connection through virtual port and its effects equals with connecting wire.

Browse the web: connecting with the other PC which has assessed Internet to browse the Internet and LAN(relevant software is needed)

Swapping file: support swapping file between two PCs with Bluetooth USB adapter. Performable operations include cutting, creating new folder, rename, copy, delete, update and attribute display . All the operations are in the intuitionist Windows interface.
Information interchange: Through Bluetooth connection , exchange information among PDA, notebook and PCs. Supports Outlook. Format of files can be Business Cards(*. vcf, *. vcd) , Calendar entries(*. vcs) , Notes(*. vnt) , Messages(*. vmg) .
Synchronizing information: Support information synchronization among Bluetooth devices and its format includes IrMC1.1 and V2.1 vCard.
Audio gateway: Bluetooth audio gateway allows the installed PC using microphone/ loudspeaker of long-range Bluetooth devices as its input/output tool.
Headset phone and speaker: Bluetooth earphone supports PC supply audio input and output for the far range Bluetooth device.
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