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(1) high stereo audio
You can hear high-quality stereo audio from your music source . If the phone rings, the Bluetooth headset will interrupt the music automatically so that you can take the call
(2) pairing with many bluetooth devices
This new Bluetooth helmet headsets are capable of pairing with many Bluetooth devices . Some connections that are possible include Bluetooth-enabled stereo devices such as an iPod with a Bluetooth adapter, a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, or the other Rider Bluetooth headsets device.
(3) passenger connections with wireless and completely waterproof, windproof.

Passenger connections, while not wireless, are simple to make. Just install a headset into the passenger's headset, and plug them into the back of the rider's helmet-mounted Bluetooth controller for a quick and simple rider-to-passenger intercom. Separate Bluetooth and Intercom volume controls are provided. The distance at least between two Bluetooth headsets devices is 100 m
(4) Excellent performance up to 120 Km/h
When driving at the speed of 120 kilometres/hour, both side of talker can hear clearly
(5) Auto receive calls
when you are driving motocycle, both hands can not leave the handle, otherwise it will be very dangeras. The function comfirm you to answer calls need not any opperation when there is a call---need not push any button , after ring on about two seconds, you could answer the call. so it is very safety and convenient
(6) talking time
Typically 6-8 hours continuous talk time when connected to another Interphone. This is easily extended by switching to standby when an active connection is not necessary. Up to 9 hours continuous talk time with a compatible mobile phoneIt
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