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If you have a PDA or PPC (Pocket PC) , you can use it to configure the lock via Bluetooth. In this case, you don!t need to make Initialization Card, Address Card or Clock Card. The PDA can configure everything to the lock. A software is supplied which will run on the PDA. In the software, you just need to choose a room and then the PDA will set the room number and clock to the lock. The room list can be transferred from computer to PDA.

With the PDA, you can update the clock of lock at any time. Clock Card may cause time difference but the PDA will not. You can also check the clock of the lock using the PDA

Data Card is not needed if you have a PDA. You can use the PDA to download the entry records from every lock. The records will be displayed on PDA and can be transferred to computer for printing.
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