Sell Bo format four color sheet-fed offset press

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XJ4142 Bo Format Single/Double/Four Color Sheet-fed Offset Press are high speed presses suitable for printing periodicals, advertisings, paper carton and paper board packageings.
1. Three-cylinder configuaration arranged as if fingers of the clock at seven o'clock to ensure paper sheets being transferred after completion of one-color printing;
2. Elliptical transfer drums avoid smearing of the printed image effedtively(Patent NO. ZL 200620031963.9) ;
3. Cylinders supported in cylindrical hollow roller bearings with pretension allowing smooth and long-lasting rotation accuray, while decreasing power consumption(Patent NO. ZL02284558.5) ;
4. Down-swing front lays and the down-swing transfer gripper system improve the accuracy of registration;
5. The touch-screen control system and the pneumatic inking, dampening and imprssion cotrolling system simplify the operation of the press;
6. Double-sized impression cylinders and double sized transfer drums especially suitable for pinting on cardboard and thick paper packagings;
7. Paper sheet on the feed table are conveyed to the front lays with varying speeds for precission alignment before entering the printing unit;
8. Feeder of novel design brilliant in paper transfer accuracy;
9. The plate quick-change -over holder on the plate cylinder and the lateral and circumferential plate adjustment system shorten the make-ready time;
10. Reinforced gripper system on both the impression cylinder and the transfer drum ensure adequate gripping force on the paper sheets;
11. Frequency-convertible motors are adopted for stepless speed regulation while reducing power consumption;
12. Feed pile pre-stacking and auxiliary delivery devices.
13. Hard stainless coatings on the surface of impression cylinders;
14. Fully enclosed guideways;
15. Fully enclosed grards and centralised time-rationing perildical lubrication system.