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Body Bags are used to transport the deceased. Used primarily by EMS departmernts, Police and Fire Crews, the sealed bags are designed to protect the individual from various dieseases including Aids, HIV, and the various Hepititus A and B strains. The basic bag is made from 70GSM spunbond which is laminated to an impervious polyethylene film.

This bag is a pre-requisite for those services whose exposure, based on occupation, can determine the quality of life or death based on health. Standard color is white. Special colors and materials can be provided upon request.

Another type of bag is made from heat sealed and sewn white 15mil PVC. This bag offers full containment of bodily fluids. We recommend this bag for the very extreme accidents since it offers the maximum protection against viral influences.
The handles are designed from 70 GSM Spunbond and double sewn. This affords the strength neccessary to lift without tearing of the fabric during the trasnsport of a heavy corpse