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*BMI based design
*Measures body fat percentage
*Determines body composition, including fat, bone, muscle, water, etc.
*Calculates the target weight and fat percentage.

There are many ways that the BT-905PC Body Composition Analyzer can help you maximize your personal level of fitness. Whether you want to lose weight, build or tone your muscles or simply maintain your current level of fitness, the Skylark Body Composition analyzer is an essential part of any fitness program.

The BT-905PC Body Composition analyzer is a high quality and high accuracy device, the result of many years of clinical and research experiences. Eight physiological data interpret the analysis, facilitates draws up traces each health appraisal, the nutrition plan, the reduction plan and the movement plan.

Carries on the analysis in view of each kind of examination data, assists to understand the health condition, simultaneously, use the multiple medical record to compare to analyzes, examination the result unusual condition analysis report, understood the reduction plan execution benefit, and the convenience the basis which approaches as the health.
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