Sell Body SPA Cosmetics Mud, Better than Dead Sea Mud

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The product can quickly supplement nutritions needed by Body skin so that to care & moisten body skin.

1. Detox & diminish inflammation: 60 kinds of minerals & microelements participated in skin metabolism to detox & restrain bacteria, itch eliminationla, diminish inflamation;
2. Clean & Moisten: deeper skin cleaning, moisten. Improve Crude, Itching, Dry skin;
3. Anti aging & Improvement: enhance skin immunity, repair sun shine skin, restrain coloring pigments, make skin tighten, smooth;
4. Nutrition: Minerals & Microelements can active skin cells so that providing full scale skin care;

Our Volcano has 2 million years history titled World Level Geology Park by United Nations. The formed Spring has had 200 years of medical & healthy purpose development and approved for Supernatural Efficacy and regarded as Champion Spring in the world.

It has 60 natural minerals & trace elements so that is greatly better than Dead Sea Mud and other Ice Mountain Mud.
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