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Adopt the most advanced digital detecting technology in the world , JH series scanner gate is special for detecting metal and alloy articles concealed in human body. It is highly safe, widely applicable and highly sensitive with a wide detecting range and a good anti-interference capability. The user can configure the gate according to the size and weight of the article for detection to exclude error alarm for coins, keys, jewelries and belt buckles. It is applicable in the places such as factories, mines, banks and luxuries houses, where expensive metal articles may get lost easily; and places such as airport, customhouse, jails, exhibition halls, where dangerous metal articles are prohibited.

(1) Easy Assembly: The JH-4 modular design allows for a quick and very simple assembly. only 8 (eight) screws are required for.
(2) 6 display Area Detect 18 distinct Zones: JH-4 offers a 6 display area detect 18 distinct zones for full target coverage on the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe.
(3) Entry Pacing Lights: Smooth, efficient traffic flow with easy-to-view, eye-level pacing lights on the entrance side of each panel.
(4) Overhead Control Unit: LED Display, alarm lights, LED bar graphs and control touchpads plus all wiring, connections and electronics are integrated into the overhead compartment.
(5) Audible and Visual Alarms: Audible alarm and Visual LED lights signal when a target has been detected.
(6) High adjustable sensitivity: JH-4 series digital scanner gate is adjustable. In the highest volume, articles as small as a paper clip can be detected and indicated.
(7) Password protection: JH-4 is designed for use by authorized personnel with multi-level security codes. It only allows authorized users to change settings.
(8) No battery is required for memory retention: Maintains all settings even when disconnected from power and does not require recalibration each time the unit is turned OFF and back ON. No battery is required for memory retention. While the unit is in operation, a self-test of all systems is performed continuously with any failures or problems immediately reported on the LCD display.
(9) Humless to human body: Using sensitive metal detecting technology is harmless to heartbeat implement in human body, magnetic software, tapes and video recording tapes
(10) Traffic Counter: Counter tracks the number that have passed through the detector, the number of alarms.
(11) Synchronization: Dual channels and DSP circuitry allow several JH series scanner gates to operate simultaneously in close proximity to one another.
(12) Warranty: Limited 12 months, parts and labor
Outer frame: 2.2 X0.79 X0.54m ( H X W X Depth)
Inner frame: 2.0X0.7X0.540m (H X W X Depth)
Electric current: 220V Power: 35VA
Net Weight: about 75kg
work envionment: -30-+450
Standard: GB15210-2003
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Remote control
ABS plastic base for protection
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