Sell Bonded Injection Magnet

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Bonded Injection Magnet
Injection magnet is a mixture of magnetic powder, resin, additive etc. , which are injective produced by a specialized injection machine. The injection magnet's power is lower than sintered magnet, but it has precise sizes, light-weighted, compact and various shapes. The magnetic power is stable and easy to combine with different metallic accessories. It is widely used in many electronic products which required high-end precise, light-weight and high quality the injection magnet can satisfy the requirement. This is difficult to be practiced for sintered magnet, during the process of the injection molding. If adding the external magnetic field, it will get a high power magnet.

Injection magnet can be classified into 3 categories: Injection Ferrite Magnet, Injection NdFeB magnet and Injection SmCo Magnet. The resin to be used is PA6, PA12, PSS etc.

The main application included: High efficiency electronic engineering (progressive electronic engineering, non-printing electronic engineering) , Motor car electronic engineering, Photocopier, Laser Printer, Magnetic field sensor and Accurate Instruments.