Sell Bonny Light Crude Oil

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My name is Benedict Hycenth, and I am the President of Western Petroleum Energy, LLC. I have been is business for over 3 years. I am looking for serious buyers of Bonny Light Crude Oil. Bonny Light oil is a high grade of Nigerian crude oil with high API gravity (low specific gravity) , produced in the Niger Delta basin and named after the prolific region around the city of Bonny.

The very low sulfur content of Bonny Light crude makes it a highly desired grade for its low corrosiveness to refinery infrastructure and the lower environmental impact of its byproducts in refinery effluent.

Other grades of Nigerian crude oil are Qua Iboe crude oil, Brass River crude oil, and Forcados crude oil. The Cabinda crude oil is a common grade of crude oil produced in Angola.
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Requesters of this product will be provided with a quick response. I am a serious seller who likes to take care of business quickly and legally. Please provide me with your terms.