Sell Bopp Packing Tape (Sigaplast)

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Sigaplast Industrial, packing tape(adhesive tape) , double sides tape(double sided tape) , cloth tape(duct tape) , masking tape, mylar tape, kapton tape, kraft paper tape, pvc insulation tape, stretch film or stretch wrap.

Our Acrylic packing tape products can be stored and used for extended periods of time while their performance properties remain constant even in temperature extremes. They are more resistant to ageing, weathering, sunlight and discoloration than hot melt tapes. These Packaging Tapes offer greater clarity and visual appeal than hot melt and possess better ultra violet stability over extended periods of time.

we have following type of packaging tape:
* Regular Tape
*Colour Packaging Tape
* Low Noise Tape(For demanding customers)
*Crystal Clear Tape