Sell Borax decahydrate

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Properties: White powder crystal, specific weight 1.69-1.73, hardness 2-2.5. It is soluble in water, in soluble in alcohol and the solution indicating wealk baicity. When heated to 350 -4.00oC , it loses the crystal water and changes into waterless borax, which feature sterilizing. It will do harm to one's health taking orally.

Uses: An important material for glass, enamel, ceramics, nonferrous mental, metallurgical industry, etc. It can be used as a micro-element manure and disinfectant in agriculture, and it is also widely used in pharmaceutical industry. Borax is also a basic raw material for boride and high energy boron hyduide fuel.

Packing: Packed in woven plastic bags lined with plastic bags of 25KG net each.