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1. structural material in atomic reactor
2. spout of plane, rocket engine
3. high temperature solid lubricant and many kinds of parting agent of precision molding products.
4. High temperature resistant, anticorrosive boron nitride and boron nitride compound ceramics
5. synthesize cubic boron nitride
6. compression resistant and high temperature resistant lubricating grease
7. all kinds of high temperature resistant, anticorrosion coating
8. insulator for high pressure high frequency electricity and plasma arc.
9. oxidating additive for refractory materials
10. additive for plastic resin. etc polymer
11. grease for anti-oxidation and waterproof
12. crucible, boats and liquid metal carrier pipes for smelting evaporation metals,
13. specific electrolyzing and resistance material in the high temperature.
14. high temperature structural pants, liner of rocket chamber, thermal shield for spaceships and corrosion resisting parts for magneto hydrodynamic generators.
15. Because of the white or yellow color of suspension oil of HBN, it does not contaminate fiber products manufactured in textile machinery, so it can be widely used in textile machinery lubricating of synthetic fibers.
16. HBN fiber is mid-modulus high function fiber, is a kind of inorganic synthetic engineering material used widely in chemical industry, textile industry, aerospace technology and other advanced industries.
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