Sell Bose Home Entertainment System with DVD/CD Player and 5 Speakers

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Essential Information

Expandable system stores up to 340 hours of music

5 speakers and Acoustimass module provide ample sound

Play DVDs, CDs or MP3s from the same media center

uMusic™ system learns your music preferences to play what you like most

Digitally store and organize up to 340 hours of music in the Bose. Lifestyle. 48 DVD home entertainment system, featuring a progressive scan DVD/CD player and 5 speakers. You'll have access to thousands of your favorite songs, but that doesn't mean you'll feel overwhelmed by a massive music selection process. The uMusic™ intelligent playback system actually listens to your music and learns your preferences, then makes selections based on what you like and adapting to your preferences as they change. Nine presets mean that the uMusic™ system will recall the personal listening preferences for each member of your household, or use different presets for different listening times or frames of mind: wake-up, workout, weekends, homework.

Storing your music collection is simple. Insert a CD or MP3 CD into the media center's disc tray and press the button on the control panel to begin storing the audio content. Each CD will take approximately five minutes to store, with additional time allotted for the cataloging of each CD. As it stores and processes the tracks from your CDs, this system draws information about the tracks in order to display information when each track is playing, including title, artist, album, and genre. This information is gleaned from the system's internal music databases, and Bose will issue updated database CDs as well. Once your audio library is stored, you can play songs or whole CDs or even create playlists of your favorite tunes.

Bose. is perhaps best known for its superior sound quality. The Lifestyle. 48 Home Theater System features Jewel Cube. speaker arrays. These five powerful speakers measure only 4=" high but deliver sound you'd expect from speakers many times their size. These speakers feature a nautilus port and Direct/Reflecting. speaker technology to deliver more open, spacious sound throughout the listening area. But these speakers aren't working alone: The Acoustimass. module produces resounding low notes with clarity, bringing action sequences to life and adding fullness to music. Since the Acoustimass module can be placed out of sight, all the sound seems to come from the Jewel Cube speaker arrays. Enjoy greater freedom of speaker placement with the ADAPTiQ. audio calibration system, which analyzes the way your room's dimensions and other variables affect sound, then automatically adjusts the sound of your Lifestyle. DVD system to the acoustics of your room.

The Bose Lifestyle 48 Home Theater System is comprised of a built-in progressive scan DVD/CD player and AM/FM tuner. You'll have high-quality playback for the latest media formats, including: DVD, DVD-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, VCD, PCM, MP3 files and MPEG-2. Digital 5.1 decoding provides improved realism from 5.1-encoded DVDs, DBS or HDTV, and you'll hear home theater sound from practically everything you play, even older TV programs and videotapes that weren't recorded in surround sound.

Bose. link enables quality sound in as many as 14 additional rooms, even outdoors. Just add compatible Bose products, and you can have independent volume control in each room, as well as access to two different audio streams from the same Lifestyle. system.

Additional features include parental controls for restricted access to DVD movies and a radio-frequency remote control that works from up to 65 feet away and will control cable and satellite boxes.

Details & Specifications
The media center of the Lifestyle 48 Home Theater System measures 33.4" H x 153.4" W x 111.2" D. The system is also available in silver or white.

Bose Product No. : 034803
Media Center Dimensions: 33.4" H x 153.4" W x 111.2" D (9.4cm x 39.9cm x 29.2cm)
Speaker Array Dimensions: 41.2" H x 21.4" W x 31.4" D (11.4cm x 5.7cm x 8.3cm)
Acoustimass Module Dimensions: 161.8" H x 25" W x 81.8" D (40.9cm x 63.4cm x 20.6cm)
Media Center Weight: 8.2 lbs. (3.7kg)
Total Weight in Carton: 80 lbs. (36.3kg)
Media Center Power Rating: 120V 0.55A 50/60 Hz 33VDC 1.1A
Speaker System Power Rating: 100-120V 50/60 Hz 350W
Media Center Inputs: Aux: 2Vrms, maximum; CBL-SAT: 2Vrms, maximum; VCR: 2Vrms, maximum; TV: 2Vrms, maximum; Digital: SPDIF (1 each for TV, VCR, tape, and aux) ; Composite Video: NTSC or PAL format 1Vp-p with sync 75 ?; S-Video: Luminance 1Vp-p Chrominance 0.3Vp-p; Component video: NTSC or PAL 1Vp-p with sync on Y; Optical Input: SPDIF digital, mapped to input; FM antenna: 75 ?; AM antenna: 125H; TV sensor: scan frequency sensing
Media Center Outputs: Speaker zones 1 and 2: Variable audio, user selectable; Audio Out (L and R) : Fixed audio, 2 Vrms maximum; Digital audio out: SPDIF; Optical output: SPDIF, -15 to -21 dbm; Composite video: NTSC or PAL 1Vp-p with sync 75 ?; S-Video: Luminance 1Vp-p, Chrominance 0.3Vp-p; Component video: NTSC or PAL 1Vp-p with sync on Y
Audio Storage Capacity: 340 hours (approx. 350 audio CDs)
Sleep Timer Range: 10 to 90 minutes
Display Languages: English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, or Swedish
Radio Presets: 20 AM presets, 20 FM presets
Remote Control Range: 65 ft. (20m)
Media Center Finish: Aluminum
Compliance: Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulations
Warranty: 1 year, transferable

What's Included

Media center

Acoustimass. module

5 Jewel Cube . speakers

Remote control

5 speaker cables

Audio input cable

Stereo audio cable

6-foot video cable

S-video cable

2 component video adapters

Mounting strip

Rubber feet for Acoustimass . module

4 AAA batteries

TV on/off detector

AM loop antenna

Discs 1 and 2

FM antenna

Optional IR emitter cable

Media center power supply

ADAPTiQ. audio calibration system headset

Acoustimass. module 120 VAC power cord

Media center power supply 120 VAC power cord