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English name: Olibanum,
Frankincense Family : Burseraceae
Part used : Gum

Phytochemistry: The major bioactive constituents of Boswellia serrata are pentacyclic triterpene acids3 viz. , b-boswellic acid, acetyl-b-boswellic acid, 11-keto-b-boswellic acid, acetyl-11-keto-b-boswellic acid and tetracylic triterpene acids4 viz. elemolic acid and elemonic acid. The gum contains sugars viz. D-galactose, D-arabinose, D-xylose and D-mannose. It also contains volatile oil and uronic acids1.

Pharmacology: Reported to have analgesic5, antiinflammatory6,7, antiarthritic8 and antipyretic9-11 activity. The other activity studied are antihyperlipidimic6,7, antiatherosclerotic6,7 and anticancer12.

Marker constituents : b-Boswellic acid, Acetyl-b-boswellic acid, 11-keto-b-boswellic acid.

Main uses: Anti-inflammatory, Antiarthritic.

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