Sell Bottle washing machine

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The machine is mainly use for wahsing and sterilize of glass bottle or polyester bottle before filling, apply for the one-time polyester bottle with a litte dust and the glass bottle which after the bottle washing machine cleared. Adopt the continuous tracking spray way to wash the bottle, high work efficiency, wash cleanly, could be use to different spec shape bottles, wide application scope, easy operate , conveniency maintain. Compare the machine with the tradition machine, it is cut down more than 80% in energy consume, water use and occupy space. At the same time, it is also very little environmental pollution, easy maintenance, so the whole machine have very low operating costs. Flush system is designed have water cycle and filter system, could circle use the water, reduce water consumption. Nozzle design work there is a fixed type and another type can be two follow-up-lift for customers to choose, washing process reasonable, the less liquid residue. Easy operate, have multifarious security devices, ensure the operater and machine use safety.