Sell Bottom Sealing & Cutting T-shirt Bag Making Machine

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This machine can make two layers for non-printed materials, it is suitable for making T-shirt bags (such as supermarket handbags) , Flat-opening bag (Such for clothes and shoes) , disposable medical packing bags for sanitary napkins. (When producing spot cutting-off garbage bags, it can be equipped with rolling machine and spot cutting-off knife dual-purpose device) .
Performance and Characteristics:
1. The whole machine adopts microcomputer control and material-pulling by stepping motor
(Servomotor control system can also be selected and equipped)
2. Arbitrary fixed-length, accurate and stable step photoelectric tracking, and stopping automatically when the label is lost photoelectric control feeding.
3. Automatic counting and set able counting alarm
4. Automatic constant temperature makes the sealing the sealing of bag opening firm and smooth