Sell Bovine Skin Collagen

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We produce bovine source hydrolyzed collagen to meet the needs of Islamic customers. The raw material is from registerred and unpolluted abattoirs. We choose gentle enzyme preparation to treat bovine skin, and produce IVY-1200S which is more clean than common ones. Every batch of products is tested by us on sense characteristics, this can help us provide best service and products to all customers.

Product name: Bovine skin collagen IVY-1200S
Appearance: White powder
Odor: No unpleasant odor
Protein content: 90% min
Moisture: 5.0% max
Molecular weight: 2000-4000
Water insoluble matter: 0.1% max
Ash content: 1.5% max
pH: 4.0-7.0
Heavy metal(Pb) : 30ppm max
As: 0.5ppm max
Baterial: 1000cfu/g max
Mold and Yeast: 50cfu/g max.
E. Coli: 30MPN/100g max
Package:25kg plastic bags