Buy Bovine collagen hide splits (HS)

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Company ZEMAN TECHNOGROUP Ltd. - division RAWTEC would like to buy Bovine collagen hide splits (HS) .
Quantiny: any quantity, possibility contract for many years

Apparance - the flesh side of pelt is white-yellowish to yellow colour, of light ammonia odour without remainders of hypodermic flesh on the flesh side and without free splinters on edges. Materian does not show any presence of rotting or fat rancidity. Light bluish colour is caused by sulphide - it is not defect. No contamination is visible(saw dust, contamination by transporting mean, etc. )
Weight class - HS can be made from hides of weight classes from 26 kg and more, preferably 40-50 kg. Exception can be arranged after mutual agreement with supplier.

More informs regarding origin, hygiene, characteristic, packaging, specification and storage are available to send by email.
Contact: Mr. Libor Zeman