Sell Box Drawing Type Face Tissue Machine

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Box Drawing Type Face Tissue Machine/Face Tissue Machine/Facial Tissue Machine/Machine for Face Tissue/Machine for Facial Tissue

1. The V shaped products is folded, the paper in upper and lower positions are crossing and joining.
2. Finished products are output in 2 (can add to 3 - 4 according to client's special need) lines with automatic stagger form counting type. It is convenient to pack the box.
3. The flat belt pushes away and sends off and show one, stepless speed regulation is controlled and sets off a tension.
4. Adapt to producing various kinds of grade paper.

1. Production speed: 10-100 m / minute
2. Specification of Jumbo Roll: "1200*420mm
weight: 13-22 g/ m2 (2 ply)
3. Opened size of products: 200mm(L) * 140-210 mm (Width, adjustable)
Folded size of products: 100 mm (L) * 140-210 mm (Width, adjustable)
4. Machine power: 7.7 Kw (380V 50HZ)
5. Gas: 0.6 Mpa 0.17m3/minute
6. Overall size of equipment (L*W*H) : 4.1*1.3*2.0
7. Weight of equipment: 2 Ton

Special requirement from clients:
1. Buy embossing mechanism additionally.
2. Can add 1-4 color printing device.
3. The products can rise to 3 or 4 lines to raise output

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