Sell Braided Asbestos Packing

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Asbestos packing with graphite Description:It is a braided packing made of asbestos yarns, thoroughly impregnated piece by piece with dry graphite, and externally coated with pure graphite. It is suitable for high temperatures and high pressures, used in pumps & valves, for medium of oils, superheated steam, solvents, gas, ammonia, abrasive liquids. Metallic wire reinforced on request.

Asbestos packing with PTFE, Description:Braided of dusted asbestos yarns impregnated with PTFE dispersion. It is a flexible, resilient, homogeneous and compact packing . Used in pumps and valves for various kinds of chemicals (acid, alkali, oil, steam, ammonia, etc) , can be for petrochemical and foodstuff industries.