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Braided carbon cords are used in sewing carbon or graphite felts in vacuum or inert atmosphere furnaces. Typically, the cords are comprised of 9,000 and 24,000 individual filaments in a braided structure. There are two kinds of section structures, one is rectangle, the other is round.
Q-CARBON is one of the well-reputed leaders in engineered advanced materials based in
Shanghai, China. Our main products include carbon fiber composites, heaters, seal and bearing and insulation materials, Q-carbon
provides solutions in a wide range of markets including semiconductor, solar,
special battery, special industrial heaters, advanced home appliances.
Technology and Expertise
Beyond developing innovative products, we're dedicated to finding
customized, value-added solutions for our customers through an understanding of
the industry-specific needs, opportunities, and challenges you face. Our
proprietary technology, coupled with our proven expertise, resources and
processes, enable us to consistently deliver innovative solutions tailored to
our customers' specific applications.