Sell Brake Pad

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1. Realiable quality according with different quality control systems.
2. R90 / R90 / E-MARK /ISO 9001: 2000 / ordinary certificated items are available.
3. Great information of oem, wai, remsa no, exchange and also great background of manufacturing.
4. Different packing box are availble.
5. Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Isuzu, Opel, Vw, Audi, Benz, Bmw, GM, Renault, Citroen, Hyundai, Lada are all available.
6. Withhold the solid capital strength and the complete equipment, we have owned strong technical abilities to develop new products. We can develop 10-15 new items monthly in the R&D center armed with CAD system and CAM system and more than 200 technicians. Its guaranteed that we can maintain compliance with mass production in a short period. And new products are capable of being launched to market rapidly or delivered to customer timely.
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