Sell Brake hoses and parts

Brake hoses and parts You May Also Be Interested In: brake cylinders brake hoses brake tubing carbon steel tube hydraulic brake hose
--Hydraulic brake hose (SAEJ1401, DOT)
4.8mm x 12.5mm (3/16')
3.2mm x 10.5mm (1/8')
--air brake hose (SAE J1402, DOT)
10mm x 17mm (3/8')
13mm x 22mm (1/2')
--low carbon steel tube(Bundy series)
1. auto brake tubing
2. refrigeration system (condenser, A/C cooling pipe)
--low carbon steel tube(single wall series)3.52mm--10mm
1. auto fuel tubing
2. refrigeration system
(condenser, evaporator)
--brake system products for automobiles and motorcycles(hose assemblies, brake cylinders, brake pads, braek discs)
--pump series:oil pump , water pump and hydraulic pump
--radiators, evaporator