Sell Brass Products, Air-Conditioner Bafflers And Storage Tubes

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Brass Products
These products adopt international Hpb59-1 raw materials and are widely used in air-conditioners for tube connection, branching and diversion. We have some types of products as below:
(1) Air-conditioner Bafflers And Storage Tubes
(2) Copper Nuts
(3) Distributors
(4) Connectors
Detailed Product Description:
1) Chemical composition:
a) Copper (Cu) : 57.5 - 60.0%
b) Bismuth (Bi) : 0.5 - 2.0%
c) Tin (Sn) : 0.01 - 1.5%
d) Phosphor (P) : 0.005 - 0.25
e) Lead (Pb) : <0.01%
f) Zinc (Zn) : REM
2) Mechanical property:
a) Tensile strength: 0.2%
b) Proof stress, elongation (%) , hardness (HV) and shear strength in accordance
with C6801 standard
c) Related specification standard (CuZn38Pb3) : C3604, C38500,
JIS-H3250, JIS-C3604
3) Fabrication property and applications:
a) 95% machinability index complies with the C3604 and C38500 standards
b) For use on high speed automatic lathes, or making precision parts that meet
the environmental requirements for ROHS (level 1)
c) Good for making parts for valve and pipe connections in drinking water systems

1) Diameter (X) : 2.00 - 75.00mm
2) Hexagon: 3.50mm - 38.00mm
3) Quadrangle: 3.5mm - 35.00mm
4) Profile: 3.5mm - 80mm

Wooden box, steel box, plastic bundle