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Item: Brass bender
Item no. : CB-150D

It is suitable for auto-control distributor project for on-off case and distributor and easy to carry. CWC-200V is an unique product for its flat brass cutter;
Bent brass cutter or bent Aluminum cutter with 90 degree will not hurt the brass material;
CB-150D can be opened up, when bending long brass sheet N shape or L shape can pull the lock out, so you can take the whole one freely;
There is an indication of 90 degree and 45 degree;
Match pump CP-700, CP-700-2A, CP-800, DYB-63A.

Model: CB-150D
Thickness of sheet (mm) : 10
Width of sheet (mm) : 150
Output (T) : 16
Weight (kg) : 23
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