Sell Brass edm wire

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The EDM wires with the feature as follow:
1) Suitable for all type of Electro discharge machines.
2) Select the refined copper and zinc. can be customizable specification, hard or soft are available.
3) Constant tensile strength, never breaking, never wire-winding.
4) Excellent conductivity (22%IACS) , good surface fusibility and diathermancy.
5) Without brass power and smooth flawless surface. High diameter & roundness tolerance limited to 0.001mm, excellent straightness.
6) Excellent energy efficiency for faster cutting speed, excellent procision.
7) Good machine protection, reduce the pollution.
h) International standard: JIS(Japan) , DIN(German) , GB(China)
Diameter specification: 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm,0.30mm.
Spool tpye: P-5, DIN. (Diamter0.20mm:3700meter/kg)